This place was written for your heart. It is noisy out there. Social media feeds, news stories, full calendars and constant opinions can make us want to hide in a corner seeking some quiet. 

Believe me I get it.  I am a wife, a mom of three, and a teacher of young children.  Reality is, hiding isn’t possible or even practical.  As woman we are pulled in a million different directions and we are given at least this many decisions to make in any given day.

Life can be messy and hard, but life can also be beautiful, gracious, and the very fabric of what makes us who we are.  Our experiences tell our story.  Our inspiration and dreams shape us.  The lessons we learn teach us so that we may teach others.

May this be a quiet peaceful place for your soul. May you find rest here and be encouraged wherever this road has you walking right now. You are loved and so very precious. I look forward to walking with you!!