This week I was humbled.  My family signed up months ago to help with our church’s annual VBS.  Last year my husband and I helped with it and we enjoyed it.  Our kids love it and since we are both teachers, it comes fairly naturally to us.

But as the time approached for this exciting week, I wasn’t so excited in my spirit.  I began to feel reluctance, hesitance, and dare I admit a little bit of resentment in signing up.  Frustration began to creep into my spirit and I am ashamed to say I was actually feeling a bit annoyed that I would be spending five mornings at the church teaching.

I knew that Satan was trying to thwart God’s plans and I began to pray for God to change my heart.  I told Him that I had other things I would rather be doing, that I didn’t feel good, that I wasn’t cut out for it this year.  I sounded just like my kids when they don’t want to do something that I have asked them.  Every excuse in the book, constant whining.  I did everything but stomp up the stairs and slam the door to by room.  But inside my heart, I knew that is exactly what I was doing.

So we went through all the planning and all the preparation and all the meetings.  And then God spoke to me.  The very morning of the first day of the task set before me, I was sitting on my front porch working through my devotions.

The author of this particular study I was working on began the day focusing on John 10:10.  Normally I wouldn’t give it much thought, except that this particular morning, this particular verse struck a chord.

This was the verse the entire week of VBS was set around.  The VBS I was about to walk into in one hour that only God Himself knew the internal struggle I had had over the past weeks leading up to. It was if He reached down and wrapped His arms around me and said

” I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it abundantly “. John 10:10

In the Greek, the word abundant is the word “perissos”.  According to Strong’s concordance it means “…exceedingly, excessive, more than anticipated…”.

There are so many ways we can look at this verse.  But to me, it was clearly two things.

**Laura, go and give to these kids so THEY can see the abundant life I offer to all. Why keep this to yourself?

**Laura, go and give to these kids so that YOU can see the abundant life I give to you.

And I was humbled.  God doesn’t just want our service, He wants to show us Himself through our service.  The very thing I was dreading, became the instrument to bring me closer to Him. I am glad I listened.



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