On Saturday my baby girl fulfilled a long awaited dream. Since she was three years old and old enough to wear a tutu she has wanted to be the ballerina with the beautiful pointe shoes on her feet.

Nine years, countless hours of practice and recitals, and three schools later, this precious girl was fitted for them on a blustery November afternoon.


Both her teacher and the elderly lady who were helping her kept saying “You have such beautiful feet”.  I guess if you are a ballerina, as both of these ladies were, this would be something you would look for.

Since I am a not, I honestly tend to shy away from feet and certainly do not think of them as beautiful.  However, as they measured her and had her try on countless numbers of pointe shoes, I could tell they had one specific look and fit in mind.  Apparently when you are finding shoes that help you to literally balance on your tiptoes, there are some specific things to look for.

As we drove home, I began to think about how the entire focus of that hour was on my daughter’s precious feet and how to allow her to dance safely.  I can remember when she was a baby and hugging and kissing those little toes.  I can remember counting each one to make sure they were all there and as she has grown helped her learn to walk, run and eventually dance.  I have seen her wear all kinds of shoes, paint her toes a bizillion colors and designs, and watched them take her from a toddler into a beautiful twelve year old.

Yeah, I guess when you think about all these things, feet can be beautiful.

God thinks so, too.  After all He made them.  But He also talks a lot about them in the Bible.

Feet are used to stand on holy ground by Moses and Joshua (Exodus 3 and Joshua 6) and see the holiness of God.

They are used to be washed by a humble woman ( Luke 7) and experience forgiveness.

They were used to go and proclaim the love of Jesus by Jonah (Jonah 1-4) and experience freedom.

They caused a lame man to begin to walk (Mark 2) and receive healing.

They were used to walk on water by Peter                                     (Matthew 14) and learn faith.

They were crucified on a cross (Luke 24) and freely give grace and mercy.

God talks about the beauty of feet in Habbakuk 3:17

How beautiful are the feet of Him who spreads good news.

Depsite or love or hate of feet, when we are spreading the love of the gospel, God calls our feet beautiful!

The most important thing we can do is use those feet to tell the world about the unending, unfailing love He has for us.

Today, where are your feet taking you? Remember that God thinks they are something special!!


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