There is a beautiful verse in the Christmas story that I recently thought about and fell in love with.


Mary was visited by the shepherds not long after Jeus was born. They were the ones who were coming to the “hospital “ or the “house” to see the new baby. But the difference was, Mary and Joseph had no idea who they were. They were not relatives or close friends. As a matter of fact they were strangers and unfortunately were not amongst the most respected in society.

How humble and welcoming Mary must have been, as a person, to be able to welcome dirty confused and excited shepherds into the intimacy of her firstborn son’s birth.  She was able to look them in the eye with love and move aside while they worshipped her son.

Mary must have had a special blessing from the Holy Spirit to be able to be as gracious and loving as she was.

My thoughts were drawn to this verse in Luke  2:19.

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

There is something about treasuring and pondering that means more than “I remember”. Mary was given amazing news about what was happening with people outside of Bethlehem while she was giving birth.

She got to hear how God had orchestrated a choir of angels to a group of lonely shepherds on a hillside. She got to hear how they had rushed to see her and how everyone “wondered” at what they heard. She got to see bedraggled men bow down to the King Shepherd in awe and leave praising God.

This was Jesus birth story. This was what she would treasure. She thought about it, reflected on it and probably replayed the images over and over.

When all three of my children were born I have key events I remember all these years later about their birth. I always tell them about their “special “ arrival and who came to visit, what the day was like, how we felt.

It dawned on me, that these shepherds and later the magi were who Mary got to tell Jesus about. They were the ones who got to witness His birth and forever be a part of His story. Since we know Him, they  have become part of our story, as well.

The wonder of Christmas! Let us treasure and ponder all the beauty this week! Merry Christmas!


Love ya!!


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