There is something about January and getting out a new calendar for the kitchen or office wall that makes you stop and think.  Even for just a few moments of thought, it is hard to imagine that an entire 12 months and 52 weeks have passed.

Depending on what Jesus has brought your way these past 365 days, you may be ready to turn the page to the fresh new start, or you may be wanting to hang on tight to what you are about to let go.

Isn’t it interesting, how we, especially as women, can get so nostalgic for the past?  As if we have forgotten all the hard and only can remember what was good.

Take for example having littles.  I can remember nights and nights of no sleep.  My body aching, and standing at my kitchen sink in tears because I was so tired.  But, to this day I still will smile at sweet new mommies and act as if it was the most glorious time of my life.  Why do I do that?

I think it is because I want to believe, deep down, that there was some good in that miserableness I felt.  That on this side, looking back, I realize, by the grace of our beautiful heavenly Lord, I lived through that hard time and I came out stronger.

What if, as we get older, we use this to help us hang onto what we are yet to face?  What if we approach the future not with fear or worry, but knowing, really KNOWING, that God will be victorious, whatever the outcome.  That God will walk beside us and will walk us through this.  That God is so very good, even in that hard, hard places and when we get to the other side we might understand a little and know Him in a way we never did before.

As we raise our cup to toast this next week, may we raise our hands to praise the ONE who will be with us every minute of  every day of this next year.

Let us remember

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1:5



Love You!!

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