When we speak of the love of God, it is easy to imagine  Jesus in heaven, far away from earth.  Rightly so.  After all He IS God.  The Great I AM.


But sometimes it is easy to forget that Jesus walked among us.  His flesh and bones rubbed shoulders with people that lived during His time.  He felt emotion just like we do in any given day.  He was God in human form.

One of the most beautiful prayers ever recorded in Scripture is found in John 17.  This is a quiet prayer between Jesus and His Heavenly Father.  It shows the intimacy of their relationship, the humanity of Jesus, and both of their amazing love for mankind.

When we read through these verses we get a glimpse into Jesus heart.  We hear his wishes and whispers for those He loves.  Just like when we send prayers and petitions to our Heavenly Father, whether in joy, grief, frustration, sadness, or blessing, one can hear His emotion with every syllable. He begs God to do certain things for His people and He asks that His prayers be answered.


His desires were sincere and His love was extravagant.

As He prayed this prayer He prayed five specific things…

He asked that we not become part of the world.

That we may stay protected and have joy.

That we may be sanctified in truth.

That we may have unity.

That the love Jesus had may be shown in us.

These were His wishes for us. These were the things God wanted more than anything else for us to experience and have on earth.

It is a beautiful thing to hear a brother or sister in Jesus praying over us. Isn’t it so comforting to hear Jesus Himself praying over us?


Love ya!!


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