If you are anywhere near my age, you will remember the little TV jingle that doubled as an infomercial for the famous clapper.  It went “Clap On— Clap OFF.”

It had the wonderful way of annoyingly getting stuck into your head until you thought you were losing your mind.  Advertisers are brilliant in the way they know just the number of times to repeat and repeat a jingle in order to win over the consumer. All these years later, I can still hear it.

There is a passage in Romans that talks about our place with God’s law and love.  This is what the passage says.

Romans 13: 11-12

…For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.  The night is far gone, the day is at hand.  So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. 

What a beautiful world this would be if we could do this every day.  God knows that this world is a dark lonely place.  What would the armor of light look like?

What if we put off and put on the following…

put off loss and put on hope

put off pride and put on humility

put off selfishness and put on generostiy

put off hatred and put on love

put off bondage and put on freedom

put off deceit and put on truth

put off manipulation and put on kindness

put off anger and put on self control

put off laziness and put on intentionality

put off smugness and put on sincerity

put off——–  and put on———–

When we break this down into single items, the idea of putting on an entire armor doesn’t seem so unreachable.  God never calls us to perfection when we believe in Him.

Sometimes we equate Christianity with perfectionality. 

But when we are in this mindset, we are not allowing the Holy Spirit to help us or relying on God’s promises to conform us to His image or allow us to be a light.  We are taking it into our own hands.

What a beautiful world this would be if we each focused on one or two of these areas and asked God to help us work through it.  To spend each day trying to make the best choices in the circumstances God puts in our way.

This one action that is putting off and putting on could change someone’s life for eternity.


Love you!

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