Life can get sticky, especially if you are closely involved with other people. So basically, all the time. It is amazing how a good God can take one, two,…ten, individuals with unique backgrounds, personalities, interests and quirks and have them work together. No one can orchestrate or do that well, except Him.

My quiet time this past week has been focused on Paul’s letter to the church of Colossae. Historians believe it was written from prison to this group that Paul held close to his heart.

Paul didn’t miss a beat in his writing to them. It was focused and specific and sincere.

Read this portion of Chapter 3 with me.

Verses 12-17, 23-25

These verses are beautiful. I am a specifics person. My mom always told us to “be nice”. I find myself saying the same things to my own children. But Paul doesn’t just say “be nice” although that is the overarching theme. Instead

show compassion

be patient


and the list goes on.

Remembering who we are doing it for takes all of the stress off of me and puts the focus on where it should be…Jesus.

Sometimes I wonder if God doesn’t just put difficult people in our paths to teach us more about the strength He has for us. I know in my own flesh I will never love or even like “that” person. But God loves them just as much as He loves me and I need to remember that.

That doesn’t mean we need to be stomped on or taken advantage of. It just means that God sees and He knows our hearts and our efforts, even in the hardest relationships.

And with that I can glorify Him.

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