Have you ever been on a really long journey? Metaphorically maybe you have been working and working at something and finally reached the place of completion.

There are so many emotions when something is finished. There is joy, releif, fatigue, excitement, maybe peace.

The book of Psalms walks us through many of these journeys. It screams to us in our pain, cries with us in our frustration, sings in our joy, and questions in our doubt.

But the reality is that often the journey is as much about the process as the destination. There are two beautiful verses in Psalms 107 that speak to our walk on earth and the amazing, all powerful, incredible goodness of God.

He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet and he brought them to their desired haven. Psalm 107:29-30

These verses contain a wonderful visual of the immense love and care God brings to us as His daughters.

He knows the storms we are in and He acts. He doesn’t allow it to continue, but instead, inHis time and His way be makes it be still and hushed.

I know in my own life that these two actions are the very last things I want to do in a crisis. But God know that the only way to true peace and contentment is a surrendering that allows Him to take control.

The result of this is a completely different landscape. Where there is turmoil and chaos, there is now quietness and peace. Fear is turned to joy and hearts are calmed.

And just like God, He showers us with His grace and bring us to our “desired haven”. He knows what is special to us and what our desire is on the other side of the storm.

When the waters stop churning and the boat stops rocking, I am sure to find quiet in this place He blesses me with. I can look back and say with certainty “That storm got me to this beautiful place” and I can be grateful!

Love you!!

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