Growing up on the coastal beaches of Oregon, I was often treated to spectacular storm watching. It wasn’t unusual for my dad to pile my siblings and I in the car and head out to the ocean beaches for an afternoon of surf watching.

Beaches can be gorgeous and calm or fierce and violent. It is really dependent upon what is going on around them.

One thing is certain on the beaches I frequented. The rocks that massively stood out of the water never changed or moved. They remained in tack and stable. Sure, they took a beating and bashing and they withstood some of the worst kinds of wreckage. Museums in my home town were full of black and white pictures of the tragic fates of those who dared to venture out in the storms.ย  But regardless, the rocks have stood steadfast.

God is talked about in Scripture as The Rock. He is isn’t referred to as just any old rock.ย  This rock takes on special qualities and unique attributes.ย  He frequently is referred to as

The Rock who is a fortress (Psalm 18)

The Rock who is a Redeemer (Psalm 19)

The Rock who is a solid footing (Psalm 40)

The Rock who is mighty (Psalm 62)

The Rock who is a Provider (Psalm 81)

The Rock on whom the entire church is built (Matthew 16)

Rocks are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. But it is the unusual ones that often stand out to us. It is the rocks that have some unique characteristic that cause a small child to fill their pockets with them, or an adult to stop in awe.

Christ didn’t call Himself “The Rock” as a random thought. He has qualities that are His and something that can catch our wayward hearts attention.

Christ desires to provide us with stability under our feet, protection from the storms of life, and eternal redemption are all wrapped up in Him.

His beauty is found in our dependence on Him as the eternal rock and fortress.

We are chosen, we are loved, and we have access to The Rock that stands above all others.

What is it you are in the middle of? Maybe it is a frightening diagnosis, maybe a broken relationship, a wayward child, financial strain, or just the daily pace your life is right now.

Everyone has a storm they either are in the midst of, or just came out of. Life seems to eternally be a cycle of hard.

But Christ provides us hope through the hard that calms our fears and feeds our souls.

God promises that He will be The Rock for us. He isn’t just the faithful Rock, but all of his qualities are wrapped into that Rock and He never changes.

Plant your feet on that Rock and know you are able to stand in a miracle with Him!

“…from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint.ย  Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge…” (Psalm 61:2, 3)

Love you!!

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