We walked deeper into the forest of trees. The  path was increasingly becoming harder to navigate and my shoes were slipping as we hiked down the narrow gravel path.  Our guide was moving at a steady pace and the noisy group we were with quickly became a quiet hum.

The path wound through towering trees and dense brush.  We were walking along the path that had been destroyed forty years earlier by the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. The day had been spent studying and looking at the destructive path from afar, but now we were actually walking through it, not just observing.

Oddly, as our group ventured through the path, it didn’t appear to be destroyed. In fact, had we not known the history, it would have felt like a nature hike.  We eventually came to a stopping point. 

“At this place, ” the guide explained, “scientists were convinced nothing would grow again here for over 100 years.”

The group fell silent.  Surrounding us everywhere was lush green foliage.  Birds sang their song of praise and flowers reached toward the sky as if to say “God is here!  Look at the life!!”

The path to this place had been treacherous, steep and unsteady. 

How often do we walk through a path with the Lord and we are certain no good will come from it for a very long time–if ever?!

Jesus proclaims in John 14:6 that “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life”.  This familiar passage of Scripture, does not end here.  This verse continues–

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, no one comes to Father, except through me”.

Christ came to show all those who follow Him that through Him we have access to the Father.  Christ had a plan with this claim.  He didn’t just say, I am the way…deal with it.  Instead He shows us that when we follow the path and grab the truth we find life in Him. We can have an enduring relationship with the Creator of the entire world!

As we continued on our path through the National Park, there was one area deep in the valley that I will never forget.  We hiked through some incredibly colorful areas and explored ponds teeming with evidence that God takes care of even the smallest.  Beavers had been constructing dams, dragonflys lighted on cattails, and reptiles scurried across our path.

At the heart of this valley was an area blanketed with deep green grass and towering trees.  The thing that struck me the most about this place was the silence.  It was so peaceful, it was beautiful, and it called to weary heart–stop, look and rest.

This is what Christ does for us as as we walk. He provides truth and life and rest.

He brings us through challenging times, or horrible circumstances and it can feel like we are in the pit of the valley.  But there is beauty to be found there.

Sometimes in the deepest valley there is the most peace. It seems ironic. But it is in these places, when we stop and look, we see evidence of life and have time to pause and reflect. 

And praise.

This, dear reader, is the life that God wants for us, one that follows His truth and forever walks with Him. For it is in Him alone, we find our life!

In what areas are you struggling to trust Him with His truth? Allow Him to speak His love over you today and allow yourself to rest in His promises of life everlasting!

Love you!!