Sixty six books, hundreds of pages, and beautiful words in blue.

Readable, practical, applicable.

There is something about a new Bible that can make you smile.  This is exactly what I did when this package arrived.  As part of the launch team with Gateway Press, I was honored to be gifted the Fresh Start Bible and it has not disappointed.

Reading God's Word

What This Bible Does For You

This is the Word of God and it is beautifully packaged.  Pastor Robert Morris opens up this Bible with a personal letter that engages the reader right away.  He walks the reader through the importance of studying the Word of God and its impact on our lives.

Jimmy Evans then writes about the path we must take to get into a right relationship with God.  He transitions with his own personal story of faith and then addresses 44 common questions that every believer faces on their own road with the Savior.

Some of the questions discussed, answered, and backed with Scripture are

*Must I be baptized

*How to Build Godly relationships

*How can I witness to Others

*How do I forgive

Sprinkled throughout the Scriptures are practical teaching and historical articles from authors that provide explanation and clarification for specific passages of Scripture.  The words of Christ are written in blue throughout the New Testament and each book provides additional footnotes that contain Greek words and definitions as well as cross references.

This Bible also has guides for small groups and leaders which provides an applicable piece in studying God’s word.

My Recommendation

As I have spent the past month looking through this Bible, I have loved the practicality and questions that this version brings.  It provides the reader with questions to ponder and think about for their own life.

This Bible is practical and easy for all ages to use.  My teenage daughter took this with her to Bible study a couple of times and came back each time telling me how much she wanted a copy for herself.  When a teenage girl can say that, you know that it has to have something special to it.

When the word of God is written on a page, there is a hush that always falls over my Spirit.  These are the very words of God and they are as beautiful here as you would find anywhere else.  This Bible allows the reader to be able to have some of their “spiritual” questions answered by experts who address the very heart of what is going on in the pages.  Other than sitting down with your friend Jesus, if feels like you are sitting down with every contributor in your living room and they are helping answer all your questions.

Christ’s story becomes our story as the two intersect.  When Christ’s story becomes part of ours we are being made into His image.

This Bible would make a beautiful gift for anyone who is just beginning to study Scripture or just needs a fresh start.  It also a wonderful Bible for anyone who is looking for a new Bible to continue studying the timeless truths that Christ Jesus brings.

Jesus is here and He has a word for each of us!!


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