Tonight I write this post on the eve of one year ago losing a sweet sister in the Lord too soon and too fast.  As I have felt myself getting ready for this week, my thoughts have turned to you.

If you have been around here for bit, you know my heart is only to speak hope and love to you. To embrace you with a virtual hug and pray the sweetest blessings over you.  This is what I wish to do for you, again, even as I write these words.

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You see, I know that there is not a sister reading this who would tell me that in some way this past year hasn’t been hard.

We all have something, something that is icky and messy and ugly.

Something that brings us to our knees and calls us to cry out in desperation for help, mercy, and strength.

Not long after my friend died, I wrote a post about what I was feeling.  You can read it here.

One year later, on the other side,  I can say with certainty that God heals broken hearts.  Up until a couple of months ago, I didn’t believe this down in my core.  I didn’t feel like I was healing and I still cried at the thoughts surrounding that tragic day.

But God promises over and over in the Psalms that He is our help.  He will rescue us and he will bind up the broken.  Just as the Samaritan who put the bandages on the beat up, left for dead, man on the side of that lonely road-Jesus comes and kneels and touches and heals.

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I have learned something else this last year in a new way.  After He kneels with us in our agony and covers us with His healing, He isn’t done.

When He stands up–the LORD, Jehovah, the great I AM, takes us with Him.

That good Samaritan helped him to a place that was safe, warm, and protected.

He helped him rise again.

This, my sweet, sweet sister, is what He does.

He helps us stand up again.  We aren’t left sitting.  We are taught to walk in a new way.

What is it you have lost this year?  Has it made you stronger?  Braver?  Wiser?

Maybe you are still in the midst of it and, like me, you feel like that man on the side of the road, broken and crying out for help.  It’s ok.  Keep crying out, keep seeking.  Healing will come.

Jesus is in the business of  raising what we think is impossible to revive.  He has lived in the depths of it.  He is faithful to His promises.  He bends down and He breathes life.

This is hope.  This is faith.  This is love.

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