As a full time teacher, I have never been able to fully embrace breakfast on a workday.  I love spending time on Saturday mornings making a leisurely breakfast, but having something healthy or creative during the week is one thing I struggle to find.  Maybe you are in this boat, or you, like me, have children that make breakfasts a harried crazy most days.

A recent request to review the book Bible and Breakfast, by Asheritah Ciuciu has provided me with a fresh approach.  A short bible study and breakfast ideas all wrapped in one provides a fantastic resource for morning routines.img_4590

Asheritah Ciuciu has masterfully woven together a beautiful book for woman that both encourages and provides practicality.  Her book incorporates daily Scripture with personal application while providing recipes that are healthy and quick.

For thirty one days, the reader has the opportunity to study a short or longer passage of Scripture through reading, reflection, and application. Asheritah Ciuciu addresses topics that are dear to women’s hearts, such as joy, desperation, traditions, feeling overwhelmed, and prayer.  Each day you have the choice to dive into these topics with Scripture for a short devotional ( called snacks) or a longer devotional (called feasting).  Either way you choose, you meet God in His word– bringing nourishment and encouragment to your soul.

With each daily devotion comes an easy to read and follow recipe with beautiful photos.  The recipes are delicious.  There are recipes for muffins, smoothies, breakfast casseroles, and sandwiches. We have already tried a few of them in our home and my children couldn’t stop praising the recipes.  Ms. Ciuciu has beautifully crafted together the kitchen and the word of God into a book that, as her subtitle states, “feeds bodies and souls together”.


This book is one I recommend highly for women. The perfect gift or resource for your own cooking library!!


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