Hi There!



My name is Laura and I am delighted that you have stopped by this little space.  I am full of gratitude that you would take time out of this crazy busy life to look around. 

I don’t know what has brought you here.  You flipped through a post I have written, maybe the name caught your eye, or you accidentally pushed a button.

I am certain that Almighty God knows what is happening and your arrival here is not by accident.  My constant prayer for this place is that something here will reach you right where you are and bring strength, encouragement, and hope to your heart.

I won’t pretend to understand that I know what your situation is. We each carry around loads that few will know or understand.  But I will say that you-like me-might fall into one of these categories on any given day.

Today caused you to be full of joy.

Or, maybe life isn’t easy right now-at all.

Or, you are just looking for a kind smile and listening ear.

I wish I could touch your hand and say, “tell me what is going on”.  I wish I could give you a hug and whisper “I will be praying”.  I wish I could look into your eyes and have you tell me your heart. Circumstances and life rarely make this a reality.  But please hear this.

God loves you, and so do I. 

You matter.  You have a story.   You are made for something beautiful.

I am a believer in beauty.  I love to find joy in the simple and seemingly insignificant.  I am wired to connect with people on a deep level and believe that you are here for that very reason.

I believe God gives us others to lift us up.  He brings us to others to find something that we are missing. It is in the slogging and dancing that we find small whispers of His goodness and unending grace.  In the midst of what seems unbearable or the ecstatic joy of discovery there is hope found in Jesus alone.

Somehow I know something will resonate with you here. 

So take a little break and find some quiet here. Let’s do this Jesus life together!!

Love to you!!