A Long Hello and a Short Goodbye

I was humbled and honored to be asked to be a regular contributor to Anchored Voices this year. Here is my latest post! May you be blessed and encouraged!! https://anchoredvoices.com/2020/01/17/a-long-hello-and-a-short-goodbye/

10 Things I Have Learned This Past Decade

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I read something on social media that reminded me we were heading into a new decade. Normally I look at the new year and think of starting over, but barely pay attention to the numbers attached to it. I am old enough to remember the hype, anxiety,…

A Legacy of Love

The Christmas story draws us in with characters who we can connect to in some way or another. But, there is one character never mentioned who gives us a beautiful example to follow.

Bible and Breakfast: A Book Review

As a full time teacher, I have never been able to fully embrace breakfast on a workday.ย  I love spending time on Saturday mornings making a leisurely breakfast, but having something healthy or creative during the week is one thing I struggle to find.ย  Maybe you are in this boat, or you, like me, have…

Of Messes and Miracles

The second week of December always seems to arrive with a flurry of activity. The departure of Thanksgiving and the two or three weeks anticipating Christmas clips forward at a rapid pace. Programs are sung and danced, Christmas trees are lighted, presents are purchased and children eagerly count down the days. But ironically, with the…